Monthly Archives: May 2016

June Roses Speak Love to the Bride

June is the month of the roses. Beautiful roses for our wedding! Wedding planning includes talk of ordering flowers and I say that I order the flowers for you! For the Marriage Feast of the Bride and the Lamb, say, “Come!” and say, “Bloom!” to the harvest of flowers around your house of love! June […]

THE JESUS FAST – The Call to Awaken the Nations by Lou Engle and Dean Briggs

If you are in a serious and passionate book study group, here is your next book. Prepare to be changed and to be a change agent for this urgent call. We are truly living in the most exciting times on earth! THE JESUS FAST – The Call to Awaken the Nations by Lou Engle and […]

Soul Swimmers & A VISION of GLORY GOLD!

My wake up call this morning was Soul Swimmers! Soul Swimmers and Soul Surfers ride the waves of My Righteousness and Glory!  This is the word the Lord spoke. The swim out to catch a wave is sometimes arduous, but positioning is everything!  So, when I position you to catch a wave of My good […]

Look Up, Stargazers!

Andromeda and the Perseids – all Mine!  For Stargazers, looking to the sky supplies needs for understanding the vastness of My Glory! Beyond all you can see, there is still more – and I AM there, throughout it all!   “How did you come to be?”  You ask this in wondering. This is a key to […]

God Desires the First Fruits of Your Rest

A few days ago the Holy Spirit woke me early to the sound of His voice saying, First Fruits! I desire the FIRST FRUITS of your REST! I desire your first fruits in all things! Your work mentality is of the flesh and came to you by Adam. But when Christ came to be the […]