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Hope from Devastation

Out of devastation, there can be a new day dawn. Out of destruction, there can come a new dream. Shattered dreams lead to the newness God has for us! It started with the 11’s.  On the 9/11 weekend, everywhere I looked I saw 11’s.  Learning more about biblical meanings of numbers, I found that 11 […]

Vision of the Bronze Leg

The first two weeks of October, the Lord woke me early in the mornings with strong words and visions.  I have been praying constantly for our nation and for the word of the Lord over us.  Not everyone wants to hear these truths, but you cannot hide forever!  The Righteous God calls to us to […]

Skating On Thin Ice

For the past two weeks, as I have been praying for the nation and seeking God for more of His Heart, He has been showing me visions and speaking words about His coming judgement. Although this may not be a popular topic with some, I have a new awareness of the times in which we are […]

My New Tattoo

Tom and I visited Washington, D.C. over the weekend of 9/11 this year.  Our trip included a visit to David’s Tent, celebrating the one year anniversary of 24/7 continuous worship on the National Mall.  Within seconds of entering the tent, we both felt the sweet and weighty presence of Holy Spirit almost instantly bringing us to tears.  We […]

Colossal Intervention

Over and over this morning, I heard the Lord saying, COLOSSAL INTERVENTION! As I communed with Him and stayed before Him to hear, He spoke these words. The biggest interventions may never be known, for so much disaster is averted by your prayers- energy displaced, curses removed, history completely altered; all for the sake of […]

Visions of HOPE!

Vision of Justice and the Return of the Light of the World The Lord woke me with the words, Rainbow Bright Promise! He began to speak and show me visions in an unfolding scene of great HOPE! Rainbow Bright is the Word of the Promise and seeing these rainbows means more promises for you! I […]

Message Me!

MESSAGE. This is the word Holy Spirit spoke to me this week. First He gave the whole word, then He broke it into two parts. ME. SAGE. SAGE is a healing plant. Also, sage is defined as profound wisdom. He, Himself, is all healing and wisdom! His words are sure. He is THE MESSAGE. This […]