Go Out on a Limb & Shake Down Fruits!

As I make more connections with pastors and believers in many nations, I am hearing more  from the Lord on this.  He has made me aware that as we read of many tragedies and terrorism all over the world, we are always most moved by those to which we are closely connected.  I believe He is […]

What Do You Expect?

What are you expecting?  Not just what do you believe, but what are you really expecting to happen?  What do you believe you will see?  Are you watching for it to materialize?  Do you wait for it with an eager eye and expectant language? “I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits and in His […]

The Healing Breakthrough ~ Creating an Atmosphere of Faith for Healing by Randy Clark

The Healing Breakthrough Creating an Atmosphere of Faith for Healing by Randy Clark is an ESSENTIAL read for anyone desiring to understand how to truly move in faith for healing. I am rejuvenated and thankful for the great timing of this essential work of clarity in producing an atmosphere of faith for healing. This truth has […]

A Torrential Flood of Provision! God’s Answer to His People.

My heart is grieving for those who have suffered unimaginable loss in the southern part of our state of West Virginia.  Yet, God, even in the midst of suffering and loss ALWAYS has our answer.  He is the GREAT I AM who answers every need personally, HIMSELF.  Beyond our ability to conceive, He is able […]

June Roses Speak Love to the Bride

June is the month of the roses. Beautiful roses for our wedding! Wedding planning includes talk of ordering flowers and I say that I order the flowers for you! For the Marriage Feast of the Bride and the Lamb, say, “Come!” and say, “Bloom!” to the harvest of flowers around your house of love! June […]

THE JESUS FAST – The Call to Awaken the Nations by Lou Engle and Dean Briggs

If you are in a serious and passionate book study group, here is your next book. Prepare to be changed and to be a change agent for this urgent call. We are truly living in the most exciting times on earth! THE JESUS FAST – The Call to Awaken the Nations by Lou Engle and […]

Soul Swimmers & A VISION of GLORY GOLD!

My wake up call this morning was Soul Swimmers! Soul Swimmers and Soul Surfers ride the waves of My Righteousness and Glory!  This is the word the Lord spoke. The swim out to catch a wave is sometimes arduous, but positioning is everything!  So, when I position you to catch a wave of My good […]