Look Up, Stargazers!

Andromeda and the Perseids – all Mine!  For Stargazers, looking to the sky supplies needs for understanding the vastness of My Glory! Beyond all you can see, there is still more – and I AM there, throughout it all!   “How did you come to be?”  You ask this in wondering. This is a key to […]

God Desires the First Fruits of Your Rest

A few days ago the Holy Spirit woke me early to the sound of His voice saying, First Fruits! I desire the FIRST FRUITS of your REST! I desire your first fruits in all things! Your work mentality is of the flesh and came to you by Adam. But when Christ came to be the […]

Searcher, Find Me

I am never far from you. You may be wandering about, feeling lost and trying to get a sense of where I am, but I am right there. Everywhere you are, there I AM. So, stop this kind of senseless searching and find me within your heart of hearts. Are you keeping still long enough […]

He Is Your Perfect Peace

For HE HIMSELF is our peace. (Ephesians 2:14-15) Peace, Peace, I say to you.   Peace, Peace, I Am to you. Your unrest is outside of My doing within you.  Let it go and be free of it, for it is never of Me.   A restless spirit I will draw and calm with My […]