Continuing the Connection from the Celebration!



Our purpose in sharing this page is to create a place of connection for those 400 daughters who gathered and those who want to know more about the gathering of this Resurrection Celebration!  More than 92 church bodies were represented from 9 different states and all denominations and nondenominations; all brought together in ONE UNIFIED WHOLE and HEALED body of CHRIST, for His GLORY!

Also, please visit, ‘like’ and share with friends, our Godsip on Facebook page, in order to add comments and interact there.

Please share your testimonies and the experiences that moved you as the Holy Spirit so faithfully poured out on His daughters that day!  New relationships were formed, many relationships were healed, and all sorts of release to minister freely in the Lord were gifts we received that day. We will be adding photos and video clips, and updates from time to time.

We will continue to share and connect in expectation of future outpourings of the Ripple Effect.

The next date and celebration that we are planning for women will be on April 29, 2017,

Come and See the Man…

Could this be the Messiah?

Birthed from the desire and prayers of our organization, the Ripple Effect, to continue to gather and provide Outpourings as the Holy Spirit directs, this will be based on John 4:29.

Come and See a Man who told me everything I ever did…Could this be the Messiah? We will be focused on sharing the encounter of the woman at the well with Jesus.  Yes, another confirmation of His desires to meet us where we are on 4/29/17, we are covering this in prayer now.

More information will be coming to you as we pray for God’s direction in this event…until then, please let’s stay connected and share what God gives us to share together for His glory!

With love & belief, Jill


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