My passion is for Jesus. And His passion is for me. This relationship is the basis of what I’m doing here. My strong desire is to encourage you in the one-of-a-kind love made for you in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In case you are looking, you may find me buried under a stack of books with a good cup of coffee, hammering out profound thoughts and prophetic revelations, singing & dancing around my kitchen, or hugging people.  I am always up for music, food, laughing, and fireside chats, especially with my best buddy, my husband, Tom.  Our children & grands are the most lovely gifts of our life.

Above all, I live to share my captured heart. My hope is for you to stay awhile & drink in even just a sip of His goodness. Then, maybe you’ll want to share a sip, too.With love & belief, Jill