The Healing Breakthrough Creating an Atmosphere of Faith for Healing by Randy Clark is an ESSENTIAL read for anyone desiring to understand how to truly move in faith for healing.

I am rejuvenated and thankful for the great timing of this essential work of clarity in producing an atmosphere of faith for healing. This truth has somehow gotten lost along the way for the church and is now being revealed and revived by amazing experiences and unfolding of scripture by the author.  The timing of this is crucial to our work here on earth.

Randy Clark presents a balanced and excellent portrayal of the work of faith in healing in the body of Christ. Expectancy is our key to watching the mighty miracles of God. I am floored at God’s timing in my own personal receiving of this free copy from Chosen Books that the word of ‘Expectancy’ had been resonating in my spirit heavily just prior to beginning this wonderful read!  Even as I took in more, my eyes were more widely opened. I am grateful for teachers such as Randy Clark and pray for the fruit of this work to be widely spread.

If you have a heart to know the truth of God in His desires for our healing and wellness, EXPECT to have this world of scripture opened up to renew your faith for the journey ahead.

Just READ it. Truly, this is an essential handbook of faith for your armament. With love & belief, Jill