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A WORD FOR THE NATIONS. I don’t usually ask you to share my posts widely, but this is a word that must be shared with everyone. It shook me to the core with urgency. I received two intense visions and a detailed sobering word of the Lord regarding the time. As I was drifting to […]

The Year of Changes and the Dry Bones Vision

Last night in a vision I saw a skeleton head and bones stacked beside it. It appeared almost like a pencil sketch, but had dimensions. I was eye level with it and in a low barren place. I understood I was seeing classic ‘dry bones’ and then heard in the spirit, The Valley of Dry […]

Jesus Christ is Coming to Town!

A HOLY INTERRUPTION In Communion (12/16) I heard, AHEM. I was startled by this, then heard, Interruption. (As though Holy Spirit was letting me know, Yes, I am interrupting you.) His voice in my spirit was as loud and clear as ever as He made this bold declaration. I am the God of your fathers […]


This was a dream and word the Lord gave me in early 2015 when I first began to have more ‘God dreams’. I feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share this now. As I am currently preparing to publish a fresh word from earlier this week, I believe this word of AWAKENING is […]

Land of the Free & Home of the Brave

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!  Tuesday, December 15th, I woke to hear these words. Immediately after, I heard, Ecclesiastes 3:13. I rushed to grab my bible, knowing it would help me understand more of what the Lord was leading me to receive. As I read the verse, a fuller understanding of freedom was impressed […]

Visions of Rescue & Winds in the Oval Office

These visions and words are from a time of intensity in the Spirit from April 2018. As on point for the current time, the encouragement is needed now. Jesus always BRIDGES the GAPS. So much of what the Lord has been speaking has to do with Crossing Over. I believe this is a significant time […]


Two nights ago, I heard the Lord speak loudly in my spirit, SHOCK WAVES in Election Results. Writing as He continued to speak, I received this important understanding of our election in Christ. I pray you receive these refreshing words of the Lord. I am bringing a WAVE of ELECTRICITY to the nation, called the […]


Friends, Earlier his week I shared on social media the vision I received of the hand of the Lord writing Donald J. Trump on the bottom line of a card. I submit to you prayerfully the complete word and vision I received Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Please prayerfully consider the word of the Lord. The […]

My New Tattoo (Pre-Election Repost)

Friends, I submit to you another reposting as promised for Pre-Election 2020. This from our September 2016 visit to D.C. when the Lord again confirmed His words to me about President Trump in multiple ways. I hope you are encouraged, remembering God is in control no matter what we see. The Lord continues to speak […]