For the Intercessors and the Watchmen,

Sharing with you today two significant declarations of the Lord regarding Israel and the unprecedented biblical unfolding we are living in currently. The first word, from 2021 followed by the recent one from April 2024, and both revealing the heart of the Father toward His people, His intentions, and His promises. 

In May of 2021, during violent escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict, I received this powerful word from the Lord. If you share the heart of the Father for Israel, you will be blessed by this exciting and encouraging declaration of His determination to fulfill His word. He keeps watch over His beloved. He never slumbers or sleeps.

I Am Always There.

Always there, hovering over the city, for it is Mine and My abode is in it and over it.

At all times, I have fully resided there.

Through times, epochs, and centuries,

My home is Jerusalem; never to be changed, never to be forgotten.

But My Soul rests there and My Heart is for her,

And My Thoughts are set upon her,

My Intent never changes for her, and I will have My city and all My people in it, forever.


Eternity is Mine, says the Lord.

No darkness. No shadow fall on it, only Mine.

And Holy, says the Lord, is the Eternity of the Saints in Jerusalem with Me.

Knowledge is above it and wisdom its foundation.

Like the waters over the earth and the understanding it holds,

The City of the Lord shall be saved.

And every city that calls itself by My name, along with it.

These are the full treasures of My Kingdom.

Cities of God, with Zion as its Capitol.

The place of My residence forevermore.


Do not doubt it and know, I Am the God who does and accomplishes My will over all the earth. And everything in it is Mine, to preserve or to destroy, as I see fit. And you need only trust in Me to see it all, and you will see it, as you see Me; your Coming, Glorious King of Zion!


Proceed! Go forth in the name of the Lord your God, and all Heaven goes with you and cheers you on to the Finish Line! For the race is Mine, says the Lord and the race is already won! Selah.

Kingdom Authority over all. Take authority, I say. Take and give none back.

Over all the earth I have given you authority and this is Mine to give, says the Lord,

And so I say, Sustain. Sustain. Sustain your peace in the midst of judgment and chaos of the people.

And do not relent, for judgment is truly Mine, says the Lord, and I will have My way over it all, and the righteous shall see their Coming King, coming with all glory and regalia in Majesty, says the Lord.


“Look Upon Zion, the city of our appointed feasts. Your eyes shall see Jerusalem, an undisturbed habitation, a tent which shall not be folded. Its stakes shall never be pulled up, nor any of its cords be torn apart. But there the Majestic One, the Lord, shall be for us. For the Lord is our judge. The Lord is our lawgiver. The Lord is our King. He will save us.” ~ Isaiah 33:20-22


Enemies continue to come against Israel adding the attack by Iran April 13, 2024, but she is the Lord’s, and we pray for Israel, and Jerusalem, the Apple of your Eye, she is Yours. No one will touch your beloved without seeing You move on her behalf. And we say, Show Yourself evident in this, as only You can do, Lord! According to Your word, we continue to pray to the Lord and give Him no rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth. (Isaiah 62:7)

The Lord now says concerning Israel,

I Am seeing and seeing over. Overseer I Am. And My ways are Higher and High Above, so My vantage point is perfect for the Overseer, I Am.

And I am Royal in it, Governmental, in all Authority. I am High and Lifted Up in it. And nothing below escapes My All-Seeing Eye of Love on My people. These are Mine, says the Lord, and no one takes us apart.

We are a TEAM PACKAGE DEAL, So deal Me IN, and you win every time.

I AM in it.




Player of all players.

I wept for this.

I sweep the debris off the graves of many as I mourn for My ones,

and I hold the cards of the future in My capable Hands.

Throw Down! says the Lord. Nothing stops Me.

And I will wait until the time is right – to right the time.

I will place My Hand over you as a cover of darkness to the enemy,

yet I will shine the Light on your way for success.

And only the Successor will succeed in Me, says the Lord.

The One coming! He is the Successor, and everyone else will look foolish this time.

The fools who plan against God will tuck tail and run like the dogs they are – cowardly fools who do not know My name or the cost of doing business selfishly.

These armies of Mine march forth and the enemy runs and hides to his own detriment. If he were wise, he would stand and take his punishment—he would turn and see, but the one who persists in his own way is nothing but blind; and a blind fool stumbles every time.

See Me, says the Lord, and Overcome!

The Overseer has spoken and so it will be.

“On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen; all the day and all the night they shall never be silent. You who put the Lord in remembrance, take no rest, and give him no rest until he establishes Jerusalem and makes it a praise in the earth.”     ~ Isaiah 62:6-7.

This is the task of the watchmen. Watch and pray.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you!” ~ Psalm 122:6.