If you are in a serious and passionate book study group, here is your next book. Prepare to be changed and to be a change agent for this urgent call. We are truly living in the most exciting times on earth!

THE JESUS FAST – The Call to Awaken the Nations by Lou Engle and Dean Briggs is more than a significant work calling the passionate followers of Jesus Christ to a new level of focus and determination. I believe with all of my being it is an essential word to carry us forward in reaching the nations.

Moved deeply, I found the words in this book piercing my heart with wave after wave of confirmation of numerous words the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me this year. I found myself weeping as I read, shaking my head, as the words are identical to word after word I’ve received.

Back in February, the Holy Spirit spoke the word ‘Nazarite’ into my spirit. I did not know what that meant, yet He spoke it again, along with telling me that He has called me to this. Intrigued and pulled to know more, I searched for information and found the meaning as ‘consecrated’, and ‘set apart’. Followed by words from God of being covered with the mantle of Elijah, this was all too much for me to completely grasp.

You can imagine my reaction when I began to read the chapter entitled, Nazarite DNA.  Here, Lou Engle writes, “ I recently had a dream that I was issuing a new call to the Nazarites, only this time it was not only for the young, but for the old!”  The understanding of the Nazarite call that I had been needing came in the form of this book right to my door!

Engle goes on to share in depth the dream God gave him in recognition of those who have been ‘walking steadfastly for twenty or thirty years or more’ as being given a ‘new sense of mission and purpose’ and being given this ‘Nazarite consecration’.

Listen, I am just a regular middle-aged woman with a long time passion for God and the things of God, being given this confirming word of consecration in a time of urgent need for prayer and fasting for the nations. If this is come to me, right here in little old nowhere, middle of West Virginia, what is our greater urgent call, but to collectively go forth in a much greater army than ever before in history?

I am sparked, set on fire, and brought to a new hope for this army of the dawn!

When choosing to review THE JESUS FAST, I could not have imagined that, in fact, this book chose me.  How could I have known this work would be deeply meaningful to my own life and call? I cannot thank these authors enough for passionately and obediently following as God continues to lead them forward in The Call to Awaken the Nations.

I am certain this is a MUST READ for anyone who longs to hear and serve the Lord in seeking to save the lost. I received my free copy of this book from Chosen Books for review and can only thank them for this newest fuel for my arsenal of passion in impacting the world for Christ. I am blown away!

Following here is the word of the Lord from my Communion time January 16, 2016, which God led me to share as I was preparing to publish this review:

I have instituted a fasting in the hearts of My people – starving for Me, they come ready to worship and receive. These hearts of My true worshippers, will be filled to overflowing and abundance of joy with gifts and all other means of GLORIFYING My Holy name, and these FASTERS will be FIXERS.

FIXED on Me.

FIXED on My Glory, they will fix and make ready for My coming and return to My people, pouring out indeed on all – My Spirit – My Holiness will OVERTAKE you!  In a new way, you will find and follow My ways in all you do!  Fix on Me. FAST and HOLD FAST to Me!

We have much to do together now!

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! I have no words to express the depth of the impact THE JESUS FAST will certainly have on this generation of believers.

With love & belief, Jill