Andromeda and the Perseids – all Mine!  For Stargazers, looking to the sky supplies needs for understanding the vastness of My Glory!

Beyond all you can see, there is still more –

and I AM there, throughout it all!  

“How did you come to be?”  You ask this in wondering.

This is a key to our relationship; for you see Me in My Glory and vastness, yet you know Me close in your tiny little heart in your body of flesh.  This truly is miraculous, wouldn’t you say?

For I AM with you all in everything, and everywhere I AM, there is peace within.  Yet, the world clamors for more, and in confusion, they are misdirected and guided by the stars instead of by the Maker of those!

Herein lies the question of the universe-

What has been made that I did not create?

What has come that I did not foresee and know beforehand the outcome of it?

Where is your treasure?  In this HOPE – that LOVE will overcome the lust for knowledge and that all people will find Me in the search for life on earth and beyond.

This, I ordain. This will come  to pass.

There is no other way to know the Father than through His Son – precious blood did flow and flows continually over you, for the life-giving power of the Son flows in His very blood.

To this –

There is no end until the time of change, and in the blink of an eye, when that change comes- nothing surpasses yet what will be seen on that day.  And all wisdom will come to light and take form, and understanding will be held in high regard for the knowledge of God through Christ will be ABSOLUTELY apparent and present with ALL.

Foretold.  Watch it UNFOLD.

“See! He is arriving, surrounded by clouds; and every eye shall see him—yes, and those who pierced him. And the nations will weep in sorrow and in terror when he comes. Yes! Amen! Let it be so!”

~ Revelation 1:7 (MSG)

With love & belief, Jill