You are entitled to Royal Status!

“Now behold, today I am going the way of all the earth, and you know in all your hearts and in all your souls that not one word of all the good words which the Lord your God spoke concerning you has failed; all have been fulfilled for you, not one of them has failed.” ~Joshua 23:14

I am THE good Father who loves you greatly.  What mere man can love this way?

Even the best love of the greatest lover on earth cannot compare to the love of your heavenly Father, your Maker, your Grower, your Tender Shepherd, guiding you by day and giving you REST at night?  And when the evening does come, He is there, waiting for you; to be your Refiner from the day’s difficult terrain.  To the bumps and bruises of life, I will apply My emollient of love, the balm of My salvation for your pains; the anointing oil for your head – over the troubles you encounter – giving you the place of Royalty among the heathens of this earth.

Does it trouble you to call someone a heathen?  That is good.  You realize you are only in a better position because I have placed you there, and in living with Me, you attain a ROYAL status — But those who have not chosen Me yet, where they live is different, just as it was for you.  “Heathen” – look it up.  Define it for yourself to understand its full meaning – a person who does not belong to a widely held religion, (particularly one who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim), heathen people (collectively- especially in biblical use; those who did not worship the God of Israel).  So now you know.  The truth is made of this – there are believers and non believers – who in unbelief, have attained the status of ‘heathen’ – its derogatory usage is often an insult, but better to be aware of the disparity of the nature of unbelief as it compares to belief –  ROYALTY- status = your Father is the King of ALL the Universe.  Heathen- status = your father is unknown to you- you are the fatherless child who begs at the gates of royalty, dying in your very soul to be loved and accepted in this royal place, but unaware that you have the right to be there as well!  Yes!  Why would you beg at the gates of a city to which you belong?  Why would you cry out- ‘Justice! Mercy!  Help me!  I am out here alone!’  instead of walking through the gates of your very identity?  Do you not know?  Your inheritance lies within these gates!  So being a heathen child, you are simply being told lies about who you really are!  ENTITLED –  another word with so much negative connotation!  You, yourself have said how you despise the attitude of entitlement!  But what does it mean to you? Are they entitled because they hold themselves up to be more than they appear to be?

THIS certificate bears the holder to an ENTITLED status.

The Lover of ALL Mankind bestows His GRACE on the title holder.  (Yes, You!)

So, if you are willing to believe it, and you are able to receive it – It is YOURS!

(This makes you Entitled!)  Not in your own rights, but in the same of the Christ, this Jesus who saved you and sanctified you from the very beginning, with His Father’s ownership!  Yes!  You belong to the same Father!  So you are his brothers and sisters!  Welcome home!  You didn’t even realize you had this Royal Family all along!  So, you will dance in the understanding of His GRACE toward you and rather than believe any both the other things you believed in the past, you will KNOW with certainty that this ADOPTION makes you in equal standing with Jesus for your very own identity.  This inheritance belongs to you!  Forever!  You are entitled!

“Entitled” = The fact of having a right to something, a right to benefits, especially by law, a contract.

“Believer” = Royal entitlement.  “Unbeliever” = Lost & Confused.

Believer, were you ever lost and confused?  I know that you were.  What a relief to be found in this place of rest and clarity o understanding!  This is not a palace of hatred toward those who do not know their true identity!  This is the place where we hope for all to come and find that they belong!

You belong here!  Your room is ready!  We’ve been waiting for you!  And this loving palace of rest is greater the more people we add to it!  The miracle of it is this – it grows as we fill it!  It does not become overcrowded or too full – but its capacity expands easily and the walls open up with love!

“What mighty praise, O God,
belongs to you in Zion.
We will fulfill our vows to you,
for you answer our prayers.
All of us must come to you.
Though we are overwhelmed by our sins,
you forgive them all.
What joy for those you choose to bring near,
those who live in your holy courts.
What festivities await us
inside your holy Temple.

You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds,
O God our savior.
You are the hope of everyone on earth,
even those who sail on distant seas.
You formed the mountains by your power
and armed yourself with mighty strength.
You quieted the raging oceans
with their pounding waves
and silenced the shouting of the nations.

Those who live at the ends of the earth
stand in awe of your wonders.
From where the sun rises to where it sets,
you inspire shouts of joy.”

~Psalm 65:1-8


With love & belief, Jill