A few days ago the Holy Spirit woke me early to the sound of His voice saying,

First Fruits! I desire the FIRST FRUITS of your REST!

I desire your first fruits in all things! Your work mentality is of the flesh and came to you by Adam. But when Christ came to be the perfect sacrifice for all you strive to be and do, I replaced this mentality with a REST mentality!

I, in fact, RENEWED your mind in Christ Jesus by sending Him to you to BE your MIND! NOW, HAVE the Mind of Christ!

It is IN you to be of the Mind of Christ, but your MIND renewed in Him is to actually HAVE the mind of the One sent as your replacement!

So, when I say – I desire the first fruits of ALL you are – you realize ALL you are is Jesus – and this is My desire – You have become one with His body and His blood. You now receive this newness to return it to Me as evidence! PROOF of receipt!

PROOF of purchase and I hand you the GIFT receipt with no price indicated, so you can know that the cost is not your worry! So, all I want for you to DO is to BE this new creature for Me!

Trusting Me! That involves KNOWING AND GOING!

KNOW what I say and GO with it. Fine-tuning your hearing is essential for this but I also do this for you – on Our behalf.

So, when you ARISE, FIRST thing in the morning, ARISE IN ME! Make ME your FIRST priority! To commune with Me, to hear My voice, to come to Me for the BREAK-FAST meal and I partake with you as you partake of Me!

We, together, stand ready of the day, and in awe of your adventure- We hurry ahead to make the way just right for you!

Receive this wisdom and understand! Like a game day – the team meets up early and devises a game plan. They encourage each other and go forward for the team. This momentum they gain early stops for nothing. It only grows and peaks at the moments of victory! SCORE! Then run back to attack the next play! This rhythm and flow – back and forth- creates the enthusiasm for the game! So, don’t let your coach down! Get in the GAME! Show up early and prepared for the win because you are always on the winning team with Me!

With love & belief, Jill