The Holy Spirit took me to the windows of our kitchen and showed me something. He said, “Look as far as you can see.” I could see the surrounding hilltops in our cove and that is all the farther I could see.

He said, I flatten the land for your vision to see much farther than this. This is why I flatten the hills and make your way straight and manageable – to do My bidding and My will – for your life and for My glory. I will make your way straight and lay out your paths, so no crooked roads will hinder you in your progress.

“Thunder in the desert!
“Prepare for God’s arrival!
Make the road straight and smooth,
a highway fit for our God.
Fill in the valleys,
level off the hills,
Smooth out the ruts,
clear out the rocks.
Then God’s bright glory will shine
and everyone will see it.
Yes. Just as God has said.” ~Isaiah 40:3-5 (MSG)

This is a key time of prophecy for all of My people and for My Kingdom GLORY REIGNS SUPREME over all things!

You are living to see what you are longing to see- Visions and Dreams – an outpouring of My Spirit on My sons and daughters, and ALL men will sit up and take note. “Share this power!” they will say. Comments about power and authority are everywhere and in every realm these are desired, but in MY realms ALL POWER and AUTHORITY REIGN SUPREME- over every living thing! No man can harness My power and energy and I release it as I will and as I do release – I let it GO and energy fires up engines. Energy flies over all moving targets and causes their movement to increase and over sitting targets- My energy causes them to stir and the stirring energizes others.

In EVERY REALM AT EVERY MAGNITUDE- this doing causes more doing and this motion, more motion, this lightning strike ignites souls and causes a stir that has no END effect, but only a continuing effect – across people and nations. YES! RIPPLE EFFECT- the center of which is Mine and all the outpourings are Mine- My GLORY WAVES are RIPPLING first – then WASHING , as they INCREASE in strength going outward and BEFORE you know it, this will be a GREAT FLOOD of My Glory- like never before seen of man!

Go for it!


With love & belief, Jill