My wake up call this morning was Soul Swimmers!

Soul Swimmers and Soul Surfers ride the waves of My Righteousness and Glory!  This is the word the Lord spoke.

The swim out to catch a wave is sometimes arduous, but positioning is everything!  So, when I position you to catch a wave of My good glory, your body just rides the wave effortlessly!

This is the Sea of My Grace- a smooth and glassy surface on which you stand and on which you can ride forever, UNDAUNTED by the size of the waves- only knowing you are meant to be there, catching the next move of your God.

Witches cannot hurt you there.  Obstructions are not apparent there and  nothing comes against you in the transfer of power as I have it.  TRANSFER of POWER is passionate response to My Righteous Glory Waves!

Singling you out for service is My job interview in which we get to know one another, and when you accept the position – you do it passionately!  WITH PASSION I CALL YOU and with PASSION you respond, and so My Grace is all over you and abounding in the CALL of the WILD.

Hear Me.  Justice reigns supreme in Me and Mine.  That all should come to this understanding is My great desire.  Your Sovereign King Over Everything desires your presence in His courts in order to bestow His gifts on your head and feet.  Crowns and Shoes of GLORY!  Must not you appear to receive these?  YES!  Go with passion for these!  APPEAR in order to RECEIVE My GLORY SHOES and CROWNS of GOLD!

That is ALL you must do – SHOW UP!

I then prayed and was thanking God and telling Him I will do whatever He wants me to do, no matter how great or how small.  ANYTHING He wants me to do, I will follow Him and do.

And as I prayed, I received this vision-

I was in the Courts of God and He opened a treasure chest filled with gold and started reaching in and pulling out handfuls of glittery gold, almost like gold tinsel, but in small pieces and very sparkly.  He kept pulling out handful after handful and throwing it on me until it covered me from my head to my feet.  And He said,  I CALL YOU SATISFIED.  SATISFIED IN MY PLEASURE SO COVERED WITH MY TREASURE. AND I call you SATISFIED IN ME AND MY WAYS – so unceasingly, you will be covered in My GLORY GOLD.  This Glory Gold surrounds you wherever you go and is a covering over you from My Majestic Glory- made of LOVE and HONOR, and mixed with PEACE and WHOLENESS of UNDERSTANDING- WISDOM AND ALL GRACE abounding in the KNOWLEDGE OF ME and WHO I AM, as you know who you are in ME.

MAJESTIC GLORY WAVES precede you wherever you go and all of My MIGHTY warriors follow ME this way into battle in FULL REGALIA of BATTLE ARRAY.   My FINEST GUARD RIDES UP FRONT in PREPARATION for BATTLE in MY MOST GLORIOUS array of COLORS!  COLOR GUARDS!  These are set up in front for the world to see My GLORY of COMING!  Like a VICTORY PARADE in ADVANCE, We come ready to SECURE the VICTORY and CELEBRATION ALL AT ONCE!


Church, when we passionately seek Him, HE passionately responds beyond our wildest dreams!  SEEK Him with PASSION today!

With love & belief, Jill