I wake to the words, REFRESHING REVOLUTION.

Then, I hear “As the World Turns.”

I’m always amused when Holy Spirit uses popular phrases, refers to pop culture, soap operas, or music. I guess it’s His way of reminding me He is completely in touch with all that is and that everything truly belongs to Him. My sense is He is also amused by my reaction to this. As I laugh out loud and cheer Him on with lots of ‘Wows’ and exclamations of just how totally amazing He truly is, I express how I adore my heavenly Daddy. He is perfect. Definitely, He knows how to get my attention a million wondrous ways.

As I continue listening for His voice, I am impressed with words of advancing, movement, and refreshing. I am aware that the revolution He is talking about is indeed, the earth moving around the sun, and the kind of revolution He is indicating is the year as we are moving into it. The changing of seasons will bring a refreshing and I understand this year will be a revealing one. The word expose’ comes to me as an exposure of light that will reveal what has been hidden in the darkness. This also connotes the soap opera reference in an expose’ type of reveal; bringing dramatic things to light that have been kept secret.

Suddenly I hear, “CHALLENGE!” and the Holy Spirit begins to draw me into a pursuit. He encourages me in this challenge, saying,”DIG for ME DEEPER! A TREASURE HUNT!” Looking and looking, digging and digging; knowing it’s there; if I can just go a little deeper, the treasure is mine!

And as I hear these excited words, I see a treasure hunter, determined and knowing that what he is after will be there as he eagerly digs harder toward his goal. Then, as though this announcement is the treasure itself, I hear a loud proclamation, “THE TREASURE HUNT of FAITH!

This is My hunt, says the Lord. For I am seeking after the treasure in you! Faith! Will it be found there? I am certain I have left it there, deposited from the beginning of your life.

So, I expect to find it just as you expect to find Me looking for it!


All for Me! And I AM for you.

Be strong! Have I not commanded you? Be strong and very courageous!

This command is the empowerment to do it! So, hold My words like treasure wherever you go, and you will have good success!

And here, I am simply moved to tears. For His love sweeps over me with pure intimacy, like nothing else can.

“Be strong and very courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go, to give you good success.” ~ Joshua 1:9

Beloved, be encouraged. Our Father has deposited His very Spirit within us, along with every spiritual gift and abundance of blessings! Let Him dig deep and bring out the treasures He has placed in you for your good and His Glory. What a privilege to carry His Presence into the world!

Lord, Help us to live out of the treasures of Your goodness. By Your grace & mercy, In Jesus Christ. Amen.

With love & belief, Jill