“Give me your heart, my son, let your eyes delight in my ways.” ~Proverbs 23:26

Your loss is My gain, says the Lord.

Less of you = More of Me, and this is truly what the world needs, don’t you think?  I am able to meet every need and you are able to meet Me!

Why are you discouraged?  What is it you need?  What do you want?  Ask Me for it!  More ‘likes’?  More loves?  More understanding?

All yours!  For out of My Supreme Abundance, I give it all!

Why do you not see it?  Well, you must have your eyes on something else!

See Me first.  Keep your gaze focused on Me.  This is the key to receiving everything else you need!  In Me, there are many sweet secrets awaiting your longing to uncover them!

Your entire destiny lies directly within My Heart- jumping with every beat- anxious to be your unveiled life!

This good I have planned for you from the beginning is directly connected to My very BEING. My existence for yours.  So, why not simply exist in Me and find all of your treasures?  Your longings will be entirely satisfied and every need met, right here with Me.

It seems too easy- too simple for you?  Isn’t that the beauty of the God you say you serve?  He is easy to reach and readily available at all times!  So, search Him out for your answers!  He is holding nothing back from you- only you are holding back something from Him!  Your abandoned PRAISE and LOVE!  Bring Glory by this and gain the lost, for these are the longings of My heart!

“How precious is your steadfast love, O God!  The children of men take refuge and put their trust under the shadow of your wings.”  ~Psalm 36:7 (AMP)


With love & belief, Jill