“The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.” ~ Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

Going into the new year, I am thankful for meeting you here and sharing together in the goodness of God and His word. The unity in the Spirit and revelation in words, dreams and visions all serve to reveal the glory of God through Jesus Christ, and are for the building up of the body of Christ. I pray you receive great encouragement into what lies ahead. I hope you prayerfully receive what I am offering as I have much to share for 2019. One thing is clear above all, Jesus is returning soon.

If the concept of visions is new to you, these are easily found throughout the Bible and can be a beautiful part of our relationship with God. I would suggest simply asking God for dreams, visions, words and understanding in wisdom. He will absolutely answer as you persist to adventure with Him as your Guide.

Often, I find my visions come in between sleeping and waking. I am somewhat aware that I am coming out of sleep, yet I see something clearly as though I’m awake. Visions of what the Lord wants to impress on us will most often cause us to wonder and consider what message we are being given. What on earth could this possibly mean and how can I understand it? Especially important to know is whether it is for us or others, and if we are to share, with whom and for what time. I have learned these puzzles are questions Holy Spirit would have us ask in order to pursue Him further. He is on a quest for us and with us. To participate in this quest, we must pursue Him in prayer. He never fails to answer.


I do enjoy a special kind of delight over a new pair of shoes, however the shoes in this vision are not a style I would get excited about. In the early morning Friday I saw a platform shoe being featured in the center of a small round stage. It was shiny and what I would call dark purple, but Holy Spirit gave me the word ‘ox blood’ as I began to write to capture what I was seeing. It was like a leather oxford on top and the bottom was extremely thick and tall, what I realized was an ‘elevator shoe’ with a rugged tread.

I believe this is a call to those who would follow Christ to ‘Come Up Higher’, as I heard Holy Spirit say,

You are walking into 2019 with a new pair of shoes.

Get on your dancing shoes for there is a time to REJOICE coming to you even now. For I have loved you with a Great Love and a “No Show” will not do for you! Disappointments of the past are past for I am bringing you an UNEXPECTED JOY for your waiting. This I will do when you least expect it, to your great surprise in the Spirit.

All along I have waited with you, right next to you in the waiting room of your troubles. Releasing them to Me has been your greatest joy in the waiting, as you know I Am able and willing to answer when you call. So, for this TIME of WAITING, I will bring you a son – a new boy – one who is alive with love and laughter for Me. (I understand this promised son to be an ‘Isaac’- meaning ‘laughter’ and representative of the Promise of God). In this, you will find Me working in a new way you have never even considered. THE FRESH START – the NEW CHANCE – the longed-for opportunity to face a new day – all for you, for Me.

Then, clearly and abruptly, He said,


I felt I needed to dig into this for more meaning. Knowing how the Holy Spirit speaks, I was sure there would be a connection. Looking it up, I found the origin of the word ‘relevant’ listed as ‘RAISING UP’ which He is absolutely speaking and showing here with the platform/elevator type of shoe. Always, His ways are good, The words given will confirm the visions and dreams and align with scripture. Certainly, He will make Himself clearly understood.

The height of the sole and its ruggedness speak of a raising up, a platform and going higher. The top of the shoe was a practical and functional style, which my mom would call a ‘sensible shoe’ and one that will endure on tough terrain.

The fact that Holy Spirit spoke of the ‘ox blood’ took my breath. We must understand the significance of Christ as the ox we are to be yoked together with, strong and steady. Walking with Him and covered by His blood is necessary to the power of our witness and the picture of the servant into the new year. In the Hebrew alphabet, the ox head is the pictograph for aleph, or the alpha. In this we find the head representing strength and power from the work performed by the animal. This pictograph also represents a chief or other leader. When two oxen are yoked together for pulling a wagon or plow, one is the older and more experienced one who leads the other. Within the clan, tribe or family the chief or father is seen as the elder who is yoked to the others as the leader and teacher.


I entered into a worshipful time in the Lord’s Presence, and continued in the spirit after the vision of the shoes. Suddenly, He spoke again, saying, THIS IS the YEAR of PRECEDENCE. Startled, I grabbed my journal to be sure not to miss anything. This felt like a strong, special announcement of the Lord, as He continues,

This is the Year of Precedence for I have SET a PRECEDENT before you for a sign of MY COMING, and in a NEW WAY in this new year ahead, you will see the CHANGE you have longed for in the church COMING to A HEAD. (I was impressed that ‘Coming To’ was also in the sense of ‘waking up’ and ‘a Head’ as in coming to His Lordship) and THIS PRE-CEDES My Coming Return to earth. For what is foreshadowing except a forerunning of things to come?

For as the shadows long for the night, so I shall come forth from My hiding in great glory, to be SEEN by man again on this earth you call ‘home’, but never shall it be home to those who are ‘citizens of heaven’. For those are My anointed ones, both WANTING and WAITING; and I will not DIS-APPOINT. No! My desires are for you as yours are for Me, and so we will soon be together in a brand new world of change and matter! For I AM about to CHANGE what MATTERS, and in this My Glory will be SEEN by all. So, you wait for it. For it is coming. I Am SETTING a PRECEDENT before you in a new and glorious way. Share on X

By definition in Merriam Webster, a ‘precedent’ is the condition of being more important than someone or something else – priority in rank, order or importance. Also, the order to be ceremonially observed by people of different rank, according to an acknowledged legally determined system. Further, to ‘set a precedent’ signifies a previous instance or legal decision upon which future similar instances will be based or “A legal decision that serves as the authoritative rule for future similar cases.”

The origin of the word meaning is “to GO BEFORE” a reminder that He is in control, Sovereign and setting all things right, God indeed PRECEDES us.

I am convinced that 2019 is a key year in the final setting of the stage for Christ’s promised return to earth. As we continue in prayer and going after the lost, we can take heart that God has gone before us in every step, and also walks with us as we go forward into the times He has prepared. The church is about to undergo much change as the Lord requires a pure and spotless bride to prepare herself for Him. He will be THE HEAD of His Church in all Holiness, Purity, and the Spirit of Truth. and will make no room for compromise. As He has spoken over the last few years to me strongly, He is breaking down of the walls of denomination and gathering His true lovers to Himself to be prepared as His unblemished bride. The time is here, even upon us now. Stay watchful and prayerful. 2019 will reveal the beginning of a NEW ERA in the church and for His Glory.

The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” ~ Deuteronomy 31:8

The LORD was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night.” ~ Exodus 13:21

My prayer, God, Thank You for Your Promise, and that You are always TRUE to Your Word. Fill us with a sense of awe for Your Holiness and create within us a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within us. Open the eyes of Your church to the time and season You are bringing us into. Grace and Mercy, Lord. Mercy. Help us to hear, see, discern, and obey in every step, exactly as You would have us to walk with You and live with unprecedented levels of faith in Christ. Let us fully receive and walk in the resurrection power as You have given us. Let us worship in Spirit and in Truth. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and set Your church on fire with pure love for You. In the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

Let us Go together into 2019 following Him closely, Christ, our HEAD, RAISED UP, with REJOICING, and EXPECTANT in the NEW PRECEDENT HE is SETTING,

With love & belief, Jill