While preparing to have communion this morning with the Lord, He spoke this word.  Glutton.

I hesitated.  This has always had a negative connotation to me.  I waited and listened to understand.

This is the word that the Holy Spirit further delivered to my spirit.

Be a glutton for Me.  Take Me in!  In every way possible, take in My goodness, which I always have waiting for you.  Your decision to choose Me is based on My decision to choose you!  And this, I have already done.  

So, why would you hold back anything from Me?  

And why would you hesitate to receive ALL I have for you?  

This would make no sense to someone whose entire fortune is tied up in ONE thing.  You would lock the door to this?  Or would you know the door could be opened with a ONE word key and then poured out onto you; all the good fortune of every kind?  

So, you see Me in this ONE word – My name in Heaven and Earth and All of the Universe, is spoken and the entire creation is at your command!  

Isn’t this what I have told you?  Do no hesitate to speak forth My Name on your own behalf.  For you are doing My work at all times, as I have chosen you to do.  

There is PLENTY for you and for others, as well.  PLENTY and FULL, I make you.  And so if you are to be filled with something, should it not be Me?  

In this way, I will always sustain you.  I Am the God of More than Enough.  Abundance flows forth, and all for you, I give – HEALTH, WELLNESS in every portion of your being – LOVE, born out of this relationship we have always had – Take Me in!

All I have is yours- for eternity and beyond this world, there are many more good things than you can imagine.

“They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house, And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.”  ~ Psalm 36:8

With love & belief, Jill