All You Need

I say to the Lord Jesus,

In many visions and dreams, I see You in a boat. I just want to sail away with You.

Instantly, He answers,

I AM the Safe Passage.

I AM the Water.

I AM the Boat.

I AM the Wind.

I AM the Sail.

All you need you have in Me. Let’s go sailing together!

Beloved of God, I pray we can truly let go and sail with Him today.

Have a beautiful day in the fullness of His complete unending love.

With love & belief, Jill

4 thoughts on “All You Need

  1. Charity says:

    Dear Jill, So glad to be hearing from you again, we didn’t know if you were affected by Florence? This “All You Need”, was just what I needed this morning, as we are facing a big challenge. Your post reminded me of a time in the past when we were going through a really tough time, and the Lord gave us a song. We sang it over and over together, and the Lord brought us through in a surprising way! The song is sung to the tune of “The birdies in the Treetops”. It goes like this: “If I were a bird, a way up high….I’d lean on the wind as the wind came by. I’d say to the wind, as it took me away….That’s JUST WHERE I wanted to go today!!” Blessings, Charity

  2. Jill says:

    Charity, Thank you so much! It’s good to be back. I love your story and your song! Thanks for sharing. It makes this whole experience better when we share in it together.

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