In the morning, when I rise; In the morning, when I rise, In the morning, when I rise; Give me Jesus.

The song runs its course through my head while I prepare for the day.

He calls to me and I answer by grabbing a pen and notebook, my Bible and a cup of coffee.  Putting on some music completes the setting for my date with the Lord.

I hurry to answer Him.

This is the time I love most!

He pours out His Spirit and I drink Him in.  This is Godsip.

He speaks and I listen.  And I write what He speaks to my heart. This is my first food, my life’s blood, and the reason for getting out of bed to begin the day’s adventure. He is intensely personal and desires to spend this quality time with each of His children.  I know that with certainty.

Often, I will share exactly word for word what He says to me, realizing it may help someone else.  Other times I will offer just a taste, the flavor of His sweetness, just enough to reflect on how it feels to listen for His call; enough to draw you to join Him for a chat of your own.


Let me share a picture that will be familiar to many.

We ladies love our girl time together.

There is that special bond women share as we live through our life’s stages in rhythm with one another.

Those times when we plan to meet for coffee, share our hearts’ issues, consider our paths together, conduct sounding board chats; sharing our joys, our pain, tears over our children and family, cheers over successes, dreams, hopes and plans for just about everything!

Some people might add some ‘gossip’ time in there, but I honestly try to avoid any talk about others.  It has never been my nature to share news that is not mine to share.  I just don’t see any good in it.

But that word, “gossip”, it is just one letter off.

“Godsip” is that special set aside time with our friend, God, when we share those same kinds of conversations; mutual, two-way, loving conversations.

We pray. We talk with God.

Let’s explore that a bit.

We talk His ears off. And He listens. Sometimes we wonder what He is thinking. But do we wait and give Him our ears to hear? Do we hear when He speaks back to us? Or do we wonder if we heard something?  Something, what was that? Was it my own thought?

Could it be other voices?  Was that the enemy of my heart, people in my life that I have tried hard to please?  So, could it be these? How do I know the difference?

Often then, we move on before fully understanding what we have heard. This is why I believe He says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Don’t you think?  Can’t you just see Him waiting for us to listen?

I can see Him like a Father trying to get through to the frustrated child He so loves.

“HEY!  Hold still!  I am God and I’m answering you! Be quiet a minute and hear Me.  Relax and know Me.Hang in there just a little while and just be quiet, so that you can hear my words to you!”

“I speak Life to you!  I speak Hope for your days! Yet, you throw words in the air and walk away, leaving me to juggle them: but if you wait, I will juggle your words into order for you and send them back in a way that makes sense for your life.”

“Isn’t that what you want?  Do you desire an answer from Me?  Or do you simply want to get it off of your mind for the moment and go on?  When you do that, you will carry those burdens of concern through your day instead of carrying my answers.”

But, if we wait, He will be faithful to answer.

If we spend time, He will delight to reveal His will to us.

Then we can come away with new understanding, His perspective, His revelation for our life.  We can move into our day burden-free and with something worthwhile to offer to others.

This is Godsip.

Join us.  (God and me, that is.)

It is life on earth and we’re all in it together for just a bit, anyway. We might as well walk it out with purpose.

With love & belief, Jill