Contagious Disciple-Making Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery, authored by David L. Watson and Paul D. Watson, is indeed contagious in its impact on the reader! If you are a leader in any capacity, this read offers much encouragement to continue in your call, failing along the way and right into the path God has made for His success!

From the very introduction, I was gripped by the prayers of a tired servant, David Watson, to be released from his call and then captivated by the answer of a faithful God.  David’s covenant with God and God’s perfect faithfulness to keep His promises breathe new life into the Great Commission for disciple-making in our time.  No matter what mission you are called to live out, this book will fuel your vehicle for the journey!

In Part One: The Mindset of a Disciple Maker, the authors create a wonderful foundation for the practical application in Part Two: Practices of a Disciple Maker. From a purely biblical perspective rather than a denominational one, the success of this overwhelming mission is grounded in a pure commitment to do the will of God and not of man.

“Making disciples is about having a relationship with Christ that results in a lifestyle of obedience to Christ’s commands,which requires disciples to make more disciples.  Making converts is about adhering to the doctrine of a particular faction, church, denomination, sect, or religion.  One can convert without becoming a disciple of Christ… In our experience, Contagious Disciple-Makers focus on helping people come into a dynamic and growing relationship with Christ through prayer, Bible study, worship, evangelism, fellowship, and ministry.”

(from Chapter 7, Disciple Makers Understand the Importance of Obedience).

In Part Two: Practices of a Disciple Maker, there is enough tried and true help to keep any serious soldier on the front lines of the battle.  There is so much to glean from the work of these humble servants, I will return to these practices over and over to more fully learn the methods they have been given by revelation.

Particularly interesting to me is the concept of ‘the Person of Peace” strategy, developed from a composite view of Jesus’ teachings when He sent out His disciples in Matthew 10, Luke 9, and Luke 10.

(from Chapter 14 – Finding a Person of Peace).

“The Person of Peace is not simply a good person or hospitable person or friendly person.  There are many people in every culture who are good, hospitable, or friendly, but are not Persons of Peace.  The Person of Peace is the one God has prepared to receive the Gospel into a community for the first time.”   They go on to describe two categories of Persons of Peace, whether by nature or as a result of God’s direct intervention in their families or communities.  These Persons of Peace are ‘found through prayer and service.’  “If there is no Person of Peace, you move on.”

I’ll wrap up with one of my favorite quotes from this exceptional work to further the Great Commission.

“God condemns being religious…God has a tremendous amount to say to us about being spiritual – rightly relating to God and His creation through a personal relationship with Him.  This is about faith and living it out in all circumstances, regardless of consequences.  It is about loving God and loving people…This kind of life draws in people who are interested in spiritual matters and opens the door to communities for establishing obedient bodies of believers whose Head is the Lord Jesus Christ.  We have to unconditionally live out a spiritual life to make evangelism and disciple-making happen.”


Here I leave you with a challenge.  Read this book and walk away unchanged.  My bet is you cannot.


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With love & belief, Jill