I am so excited to join the Blog Spot Community; to connect with other bloggers and share reviews of new and interesting books & DVDs!

With this very first review of the DVD, The Master Designer- The Song, I must say I wanted to share it right away!  I honestly worried, what if I don’t like it?  How would I handle that?  Well, it was not a problem with this fascinating film from ExplorationFilms.com, featuring a collection of animals living out their designed calling to point to a thoughtful Creator.

I found myself saying, “Wow!  I didn’t know that! Did you?” as I watched with my BFF & fave movie review partner, Tommy G.   Amazed as well, he also enjoyed the film and admitted to learning a lot!

It is something I will have to watch again and even study to fully grasp the depth of all the connections cited. Throughout the film, the facts shared offer a strong argument of undeniable, mind-blowing evidence in the case for creation!  I’m sorry, but anyone who is looking for explanations of evolution will not want to watch this. It’s not there.

From the tiny bees and the intricacies of how they live and work to the majestic wolves and North American Bison providing valuable benefits to man; these creatures could not speak more eloquently of a Master Designer if, well, if they could actually speak!

Oh!  And speaking of that!  The cricket chorus does speak! My absolute favorite part and the most amazing sound I have heard comes from this perfect and beautiful praise chorus of crickets!  I just kept thinking, Even the rocks will cry out if we fail to praise Him!  This song you will just have to hear for yourself.

The Master Designer is a satisfying account of the incredible existence of some of God’s most spectacular wonders.  Filmed with a close up view of these living examples of His creative super-genius, this is a wonderful film and resource for the whole family.

Believers or doubters, this DVD is great food for thought!

75 minutes worth sharing and an intriguing conversation starter.

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There will be a book review coming soon!  Can’t wait to share it!

With Love & Belief,