“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

~ Philippians 4:19 (NKJV)

The Lord woke me early this morning.  I sensed Him urging me to get up.  I rolled over.  “Just a few more minutes, okay Lord?” But then He spoke clearly, ” I desire to speak to you.”  My eyes opened wide.  I knew I did not want to miss out on the precious words He would speak.

“Supply,” He said.  “Get up and get your coffee.”   And these are the words He gave me to share with you.

Abundance.  Need.  Desire.

All of these are mine to give.  Yes, I give need!  I allow and disallow all things according to my magnificent will over all things.  Magnificent because I am the Sovereign One and that is the magnificent part!

If I call to you and you come, who is in control?  Is it you?  or I?  If I place you at the foot or at the head, who has done it? You?  or I?

Your face may be turned one direction or the other and I can cause you to see whatever I desire in whatever direction you look.

You are mine!  That is the point.

Whether you stand or fall, stay or go; I cause it all.  I am in control of you because you belong to me!  You may think you are doing a thing, even pulling a trick on my plan!  But do I see it and know?  Of course.  So do I allow it?  That is the only way it can happen!  What can you accomplish that I do not allow?

I supply your will from Mine – your desires from Mine – these flow from Me to you and there is a strong connection that occurs between us.  The stronger I am in you, the stronger you become through Me.  This is where the abundance comes in!  From My storehouse of knowledge, your own wisdom is drawn out; from My abundant heart of love, your heart of love is filled.

My ‘riches in glory’ are nothing like you have ever seen!  They are pouring constantly -motion and movement- at all times accompany my abundant riches!  This is the way they are distributed!  Constantly flowing!  it never stops!  They never run dry!  Isn’t that exciting?  

You never have to worry where anything comes from because NOW you know! 

Everything you need- everything you desire- everything you have is from My storehouse of riches!  And the riches there are plentiful in variety as well! They are various colors, shades, widths, thicknesses and lengths!  They are all attributes; desires and depths of need are all considered where these come from. So when you ask for something, it has already been designed for you and even your desire has been placed within you by Me, so that when it comes to you, you are pleased and thankful!


This is only part of what I do to ‘supply’ your ‘demand’- yes, that law is Mine, but far better this way, don’t you think? The man made law of supply and demand requires that the demand be high and the supply be low and the reverse.  That is not my way of doing things!  I give even when the need is great!  And I pour out more – far beyond the demand!  The demand does not dictate what I do! I give to the need!  I pour out as I will in every situation and I’ve already started before it becomes apparent to you!  

This is the way I work – According to My riches in glory!  So the demand can never outweigh the supply!  No! That is the way of man- in his limited thinking, putting limits on everything, dying to be in control and placing himself in a position of power.  Man ‘works the system’ according to his understanding of Economics!  Ha!  “Economics” is Mine!  My economy is found only in abundance!  

I take the laws of man’s economy and turn them upside down!  And when I flip them over- love pours out – wisdom streams down – abundant life flows – cares are drowned and needs are covered over with my abundance!

Fear of scarcity is a man problem, not a problem for Me.  The scarcity causes a man to fear, even the very idea of lack sets man into a panic!  ‘Where will it come from?  How will it work?  What can I do to create abundance for my life?’  Those questions are all easily answered by Me and My glory!  Of course you cannot do it, man!  If you could, why would you need Me?  I didn’t create you not to need Me!  So this worry you walk around carrying is yours because you don’t ask Me for help!  You just keep asking yourself questions!  That is not your source of supply!  I AM.

This is the basis of My law of supply and demand-Supply = Endless flowing riches of every kind. Demand = your needs and desire turned over to Me.

So supply COVERS demand in advance of asking – “demand” is given by Me so that you have need to ask Me in the first place!

This is My desire~that you come to Me in your limited state, prepared to receive from My unlimited being~ and here is where we connect.  And then, we become one in our desires~one in our hearts and you belong to Me then harmoniously~ with your needs met by Me, your desires being fulfilled by Me, your cares being washed over by My complete and abundant love; all creating in you this sense of peace, unfathomable; love, unimaginable; satisfaction in all things and the deep knowing that ‘I AM’ cares for you.


 “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”  ~ 2 Corinthians 9:8 (NIV)

Now, what could I possibly add to this?

With love & belief, Jill