Friends, Earlier his week I shared on social media the vision I received of the hand of the Lord writing Donald J. Trump on the bottom line of a card. I submit to you prayerfully the complete word and vision I received Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Please prayerfully consider the word of the Lord.

The Lord woke me abruptly at 5:50 a.m. Tuesday, November 3rd saying,

It’s Election Day! Get up and pray!”

Startled by the strong voice of the Lord, I jumped up and headed to the kitchen to prepare. Receiving communion with Holy Spirit each morning is the most cherished time of my day as I wait on the Lord.

Tuesday there was no wait. As I tore a piece of bread and turned to grab my cup, I suddenly saw in a vision what I understood to be the hand of the Lord. There was a large white fold-over card with a round gold seal – like those you would see at the Academy Awards. It was open, and I saw the hand of the Lord writing the name Donald J. Trump on a line across the bottom of it. (“The Bottom Line.”)

After He wrote, He closed the card and set the gold seal. Immediately, I heard Holy Spirit so loud and clear I cannot emphasize it enough. He spoke, saying,

I have cast My vote and it cannot be overridden. I have written it with My own Hand and nothing can stop it. Share on X I have sealed the Word over him to be appointed over the nation and to the nations as a leader over all; a leader who will shout my name and make Me known to the whole world in this time. 

A Leader who will Testify of the Lord

Opposition will come, as it has always come against My name, but I will fulfill it for My name and for My Glory. Unto the nations I give a man to speak My name and TESTIFY of Me.


And as a national leader over the states of the Union, he will sanctify many by My birth of him into the Republic. I will bring a New Song from out of its womb – birthing LIFE, LIFE, LIFE unto Me – and by it, I will make all men new who hear it!


Do not wonder or worry ‘How?’ – this is My Fortunate position – to be Ruler over the Universe, and what I say ‘Stands’ will Stand. And when I say, “Fall”, it falls. Only by My Word does anything ever stand in the first place! Do you see it? I AM COMING TO THE RESCUE!

I AM bringing the TROPHY of JUSTICE to the entire world and I AM doing it in My name for My glory – Gathering souls to Me. And I have set you as a watchman, and I have set many watchmen on the walls of Justice and Mercy, to hold the KEYS and the CANDLE of HOPE out to others.

These I set before you in all mercy and kindness to give you HOPE and encourage you on, FORWARD! LIGHT for HOPE!

KEYS to My mansion, and every door will open to you as I hold the KEY and grant it to you in the time of need.

OPPORTUNITY – lives here, that’s you with Me.

HOPE – renewed for promises spoken.

JUSTICE – found in the mercy of the Lord.

GOODNESS – in the faces of the people sent to help you.

ETERNITY -and all of the good that comes forever, lasting in Me in eternity together.

I have many mansions and each one holds a KEY to My Heart.

This is My doing and none other, says the Lord. That no man would ever thwart My plans and purposes for My nations. It cannot be done. For I have set My Plan from the beginning, in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and no man or beast has ever been able to overcome it!

The powers of darkness and hell would try to overcome it, but look what I did! I used My Son to turn it all around – from the Beginning. 

Where were you then?

In My Mind’s Eye, that’s where. Like everything else I do, I see it done and see it through from before I ever set My Hand to it. I AM a Planner! A Designer!

I do the Design in My Mind’s Eye and then I bring it about in a FLOURISH!

(I then saw blueprints being rolled out on a table and I saw the Lord’s Hand pointing to places on the blueprint, and saying, “Here” and “Here” as He was assigning angels to the work and dispatching them to specific places.)



CLAMPING DOWN ON THE BALLOT BOXES –(I saw the Lord seating angels on top of cylindrical bins. I saw an angel sitting on a ballot box, smiling, waiting and guarding it.)

The DARKNESS will not have what is Mine, says the Lord, including you!

You can go confidently and tell everyone you know,


And SURE enough, I will STAND, says the Lord.

I thought He was finished and as I started to reach for my bible, He stopped me, saying, “Wait. Listen.”

Then He said slowly,

I AM taking it apart and putting it back together. Share on X

I AM taking it apart and putting it back together.

And it shall be as I have made it.



The Lord reminded me of something He had spoken to me after President Trump was elected in 2016, The First MAGA is Make America Great Again. The Second MAGA is to Make America God’s Again. Share on X

The Lord is RESTORING His intentions to the nations of the earth. He is REFORMING the corrupt establishments of men, and bringing forth His JUSTICE with MERCY.  Watch! Be found faithful in the waiting, cheering on the ONLY GOD, OUR GOD who has NEVER LOST A BATTLE!

In this BATTLE for the Soul of the Nation, the SOUL WINNER WINS AGAIN!

Let the people of God be found trusting Him, looking to the Lord with expectant faith, and with our hope anchored in Christ Jesus. I love and bless the people of God, the unblemished Bride, preparing herself for His soon coming return. STAY on the WALL.


Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it.”

~ Jeremiah 1:12 (ESV)


With love & belief, Jill