Tom and I visited Washington, D.C. over the weekend of 9/11 this year.  Our trip included a visit to David’s Tent, celebrating the one year anniversary of 24/7 continuous worship on the National Mall.  Within seconds of entering the tent, we both felt the sweet and weighty presence of Holy Spirit almost instantly bringing us to tears.  We lingered; waited to take it all in.  Humbled, quieted; worshiping, praying, listening, we experienced the sweetness of the Lord.

It was a blessed and precious time.  It makes perfect sense that this place would be saturated in the Spirit having held continuous worship for over 10,000 hours!

Two distinct moments from the tent stand out significantly.

I felt Holy Spirit moving me to walk around the perimeter of the tent to pray.  As I did, I saw a white dove noticeably soaring grandly, gliding over the water and dipping, then going high again.  He was making a show of beauty, performing a dance! Then, I heard in my spirit.

The Lord said,  See? I am everywhere! Keeping watch and riding the sound waves of the praises My people!”

Awed by His pure sweetness and His nearness, I was completely fixated on Him as the bird rested finally by the water.  I looked more closely there, but saw no other birds.

In the next few moments, I began to pray for our nation and our government leaders.  Throughout our time walking that morning, my attention had been drawn to the monuments.

I could feel the Lord pulling my heart and saying, “Men build these to honor themselves.”  He has been speaking to me more emphatically about the many other gods that people serve.

My awareness of this has increased dramatically, as my heart aches more for what grieves His.

He then spoke about the upcoming presidential election.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, we were in Washington, D.C. praying for our leaders and our nation.

Yet, I was stunned by the specific message of the word from the Lord that came next.

“It is a horse race, and they are neck-and-neck, yet he will cross the finish line first.”

That was it.  Clear as day.

Leaving David’s Tent, we went on to explore the Museum of American History.  The first room we entered there had an exhibit of Inventions.  The first exhibit we stopped to examine was about the wheel, and the first page of the first chapter of the (super cool) digital Book of the Wheel brought up a sentence written across it, “In speed, the bicycle has beaten the horse…

This reference to a type of ‘horse race’ came immediately after the ‘horse race’ word, and Tom and I both believed it to be confirmation.  God wants His people to know with certainty when we have heard Him.  He is faithful to give us good assurance in many different ways!


We returned home Sunday evening, happy and ready for a good night’s sleep.  The next morning I woke up with this strong vision etched in my mind from a dream.

In my dream, I had a tattoo across the top of my back.  I couldn’t understand why I had this on my shoulders and said (in the dream) that it was not what I had wanted!  It was a large flying bald eagle carrying the U.S. flag in its mouth.  It was flying from my left shoulder toward a small white dove on the right.  There was a smaller U.S. flag between them.  The dove had an olive branch in its mouth, and trailing down my right arm were a few of its falling feathers.

I prayed for understanding of the dream.  This is the interpretation I received.

First, Holy Spirit impressed on me that it was significant that the movement of the birds was from the left to the right.  Then He explained the tattoo, ‘The eagle (U.S.) is in pursuit of the peace of the Holy Spirit.  In its pursuit, it must drop the flag out of its own mouth to catch the peace the Holy Spirit (Dove) is carrying in its mouth.  She can know no peace until she drops her national agenda and becomes truly ‘one nation under God’.  Allowing others in her borders will not carry peace, but will bring prosperity in a form of godliness of this world – for others have what she wants and she will do anything to have these – even whore herself to them in order to get her way.  These are not My ways of doing things.  

Then He said, This message is for the man who thinks he is wise in his own wisdom.  His force of strength will carry him and his own ‘free’ and ‘strong’ will, brings him his destiny in courage.  But I say, Be very afraid of what you are able to do on your own, for it is just enough to destroy you, and the minute you are within a hair’s breadth of your life, you will have to know that I AM the God who saves you.  I AM the entire universe and over all things.  Everything rests in Me and hinges on My doing.

Pray for our nation.  Praise God that He speaks to us and loves us so much.

With love & belief, Jill