Open Hands – Open Hands!

Let your grip relax and turn your palms upward!  Stretch and reach to Me, lifting your burden of praise!

As you loosen your grip on those worries you hold so tightly, I will turn it all around!

I will cause your cares and concerns to dance across the clouds and disappear into the distance!

Look to the sky!   Can you see them there?

No! I have told you this –  they are Mine and not yours to hold!  YOU are mine and I also hold you in the midst of your cares!

Why let them drag you down?  You have many more important cares than these!

Care to love!  Care to trust!  Care for My ones who need attention, hugs and smiles, a helping hand and food to eat!  These are your cares!

Caring for those around you!  The rest is Mine.  I take the negative cares and give you the positive ones!

The cares I give bless you and others.  They are the stuff of eternity!  Loving Care trumps them all!

So this, your Master says to you –  My yoke is easy and my burden ever so light-  Pure joy is your task.  Praise Me in the light of this JOY and the world becomes a better place instantly!

See this!  Others worry and focus on the violence!  I say, Be free of it!  Let Violence End Itself while Praising Rules the Universe Forever!

This is the word of the Lord.  BE PEACE.  BE LOVE.  All to All.  I AM.

Trust in Me and find your peace!  Share it with one then another.  Then tell them to share the same.  Soon this Peace will be found everywhere, all around you and spreading quickly.  Do not sit and gape at the violence in fear!  You have no room for it!  What good does that do?  No!  Become Peace in your own life. Start there!  Giving your open hands to Me and trusting that I will do the rest.  Be PEACE.

With love & belief, Jill