The word came to me all night, waking me, SUPREME.  And as I drifted back to sleep and dreamed, again it came, SUPREME.  I would wake up and turn over, restless.  SUPREME.  And then, as He often does, with more intensity and additional words to clarify the direction.  SUPREME. ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  Often, I find the Lord gives words and dreams that come together in the waking.

I woke up and immediately recalled the dream.  My husband and I were in a city and had met with people here and there, keeping appointments.  The beginning parts of the dream were vague and elusive, in startling contrast with the rest of the dream.  I could try all day to remember some dreams and they are just not there.  I call those ‘ice cream’ dreams, caused by late night foods or simply problem solving in my sleep.  But the ‘God dreams’ are just the opposite.  These are so clear that I remember them with extreme detail and couldn’t forget them if I tried.

This dream is one that will not leave me.

As we walked through the city, we had a child with us.  The strangest thing to me was that this very young child was smoking cigarettes.  I felt very uncomfortable with it, but for whatever reason, we didn’t stop him.  It bothered me to see him smoking, and it looked so odd, as he was maybe five years old.  But I didn’t say anything.  As much as it troubled me, for whatever reason, I just kept allowing him to smoke.  As we went on down the street, there was a long vertical crack in the sidewalk with smoke billowing out of it, rolling up from beneath the sidewalk and through this cracked open section.

We were approached by a young adult man and an older woman walking together toward us as we were now in the immediate area by this broken sidewalk.  He stopped me and said, “That’s on fire.”  The woman rolled her eyes and said it was just steam. Then the man came close and looked directly in my eyes and said with calm certainty, “Something is on fire down there.”  They walked on calmly and without any more concern, leaving it to us.

I felt very responsible to investigate based on this man’s statement directly to me.  As I looked more closely down beneath the sidewalk,  I could see the source of the smoke.  All of this billowing smoke was coming from a lit cigarette sitting on top of a dumpster full of garbage.

We continued walking.  Suddenly, there was a huge gust of wind so fierce I covered my eyes and turned my head.  Debris and dirt were flying hard in this strong windstorm so much that Tom and I were both shielding our eyes and turning our heads to guard against it.  I was thinking I needed to tell the child to cover his eyes and turn his head, so I yelled to him and looked as he covered one eye with his free hand, but he had the cigarette hanging out of his mouth, so he didn’t cover the other eye.  I was so upset by the sight of it, and went over to him  saying, “You’re not doing that anymore.”  I even had to show him how to put out the cigarette because he was so young.  Then I held him and I told him, “No more smoking.” I also had the understanding that he might be addicted at this point, and knew that I would need to hold him though the withdrawal he would experience.

The interpretation came immediately.  The Lord spoke to me, saying,  I Am healing you from your regrets and showing you that I AM SUPREME over all things and able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to My children, yet there are things I allow. And it hurts Me to see them because all I see is My children doing harm to themselves. YET, I allow until the time I say, ‘NO MORE’ and I put out the fire of temptation and extinguish the flames of lust, and overpower you with My love, and hold you through the hard times of letting go of what was not good for you – for I AM the GOOD FATHER.  I will not ignore forever, and what I allow and disallow always end up leading My children home to Me – and safe in My arms they do find rest and strength.

The child is you – too small to protect yourself and I AM walking with you through the turmoil and watching you – yet allowing you to make choices for yourself.  Even those choices that do obvious harm, I allow, because if I did not allow- they would not be- but I do, and I do know you in it– innocent, yet thinking you can handle it – so I allow, until I see that you are at the end of your capabilities and need rescued from more immediate harm.  And I AM moved by your smallness.  My heart is sad for your mistakes and I draw you to Me in your need to overcome.  KNOWING your FRAME and knowing full well that you are incapable on your own, I rescue you from yourself – even over and over again.

The city was the world and the sidewalk, your path.  I AM the parents walking with you, spotting danger and seeing the source of it- investigating the crack with the smoke pouring out, and lots of smoke from a very small source of fire- yet, on top of the garbage (which is the garbage man lights up as a stench to God – this manmade sacrifice – an altar of garbage with the smoldering cigarette on top of it- this is not a fitting sacrifice to Me.

SUPREME over all, I stand and I watch all of the goings on- and I wait.

REPENTANCE is in My HAND to GIVE- to allow My people to return to Me and My ways of sacrifice and not their own.

I rescue.

I call out the warning.

I give and I take away.

It’s ALL on Me –

By MYSELF I made the heavens and by MYSELF I will rescue all of mankind.

By My NAME all that lasts is done.

By My WORD and every word out of My mouth – ALL is CLEARED – REDEEMED!  Let the REDEEMED say so!  SPEAK on My behalf and not on your own.  Take care in your words, that they line up with Mine and do good, not only to those who do you good, but to ALL.

A REPENTANT HEART brings JOY to the BODY, and life goes on in a fresh way~  A new start gives health to the bones, and bitterness and striving snuff out life.  GO in peace and Bring peace to all you meet.

This is the word of the Lord as it came to me following the dream.  He is amazing! To think that God would choose as many ways as it takes to reach us, so incredibly patient and with His deep love, that He would continue to give us mercy and warning, explaining everything like a GOOD parent!  I hope this helps you and maybe gives you a point of focus for prayer, to turn your heart to Him again and again, as He patiently leads you into the deeper things and toward your final destination in Him!

With love & belief, Jill


“After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, “Stop being afraid, Abram,” he said,  “I myself am your shield; I am your very great reward.”  Genesis 15:1