“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves.” ~2 Corinthians 4:7

These treasures made in earthen vessels are for you – all yours – handcrafted by Me.  For I am your treasure and I know this time with Me is what you most desire.  As I dwell within you, I empower you to speak and know My words within you.  That is where I reside and that is where your power resides because of Me.

A Word to the Wise – Do not forget – where your heart lies is where all of your energy rests also – that powerhouse of love left in a storehouse is only love at rest – shut up within the walls of distress.  And when those walls come down – Oh!  What love will pour out!  But you must trust Me with your love first!

I am all Pure Love-  there is nothing else like it!  The counterfeits you have tried to fill with and stuff yourself full of are never satisfying enough!  They overburden you and tax your energy! They deplete your storehouse which I made!

“Give it back!”  I say.  “You are mine and I am a jealous God!”  There is none like Me and I will have no other temporary replacement taking over what is made for Me!  You return to Me and find that I am there – waiting – always.  Never angry when you return, but only longing for you, as a good and true lover does!

I am not unaware of your reasons for taking other lovers.  These things you try filling with are easily accessible and seem like a quick fix, at the time, even harmless.  What does it hurt to just have one?  What harm can come from only a little?  But you know the real truth of this – one always leads to two, and then you have been fooled by your love – betrayed and left feeling empty.  Depleted of the goodness I intend for you and left with only sadness and disappointment.  I will not have this continue for you!  You matter to Me more than any other living thing I’ve made!  You are my sweet child and I am who you were made for – I and My glory to behold – to live fully within Me!  We love each other with a true love!

There is no catch to this!  I do not require anything of you that detracts from your beauty or causes you distress.  I only give Goodness – positive light ions – of strength and loveliness!  These emit from your very pores into all you touch, and there I am, turning everything to gold for you!  We are a team – working together in harmony and pure happiness – the joy that makes no sense to others when the source is not apparent, but we know, don’t we?

So tell them!  This is the absolute best diet for your soul!  Feast on Him!  He is lovely and fit for you – the perfect size and style!  Dwelling within your very deepest being, this love is what feeds you!  This heart is what carries you through!  This God is the only god you’ll ever need!  Lay the others aside!  Tell your false lovers to leave you now and cling to this one!  Thrive on His everlasting love and be healed of every temptation, empowered by His abilities and never trusting your own!  Why keep sweating over these things?  Walk the easy route!  Even when the terrain is rough and you look ahead, wondering how you will make it through, He reminds you now that He has created this path and He can certainly guide you along it!

Yes!  Walk with Me!  This is the way for you and it is good for us both to be in it together!  I love you more than your mother – birthed you through her for us both – the caring father of your soul – the captivated lover of your entire being.  This I AM for you.  Now you be this also to me – My captivated lover forever.

Rest in ALL I have because all I have is yours!  Marry Me this way and you will always be taken care of – never wanting or needing anything again – only Me – My presence in you will satisfy this way.

With love & belief, Jill