Last night in a vision I saw a skeleton head and bones stacked beside it. It appeared almost like a pencil sketch, but had dimensions. I was eye level with it and in a low barren place. I understood I was seeing classic ‘dry bones’ and then heard in the spirit, The Valley of Dry Bones. Then the vision itself shook side to side and I understood the bones were being rattled. I slept and woke to see this same night vision two more times.

I got up to pray and wait on the Lord. He spoke directly about what He had shown me, saying,

I am rattling dry bones, says the Lord, not once, not twice, but three times. 

I show you this – the BONES will SHAKE.  (I understood Fear would shake these bones.)

And with My Breath – Hot and Fiery – I will BREATHE on them.

And I will set them on fire with My Love and they will be consumed with My Passion,

and these will RATTLE to LIFE and NOT to DEATH by the Breath and the Fear of the Lord.

At ALL times, I SUSTAIN what is sustained – and at all attempts by the enemy to shut Me down –


For there is NONE who can ever stop the Lord Your God and HE IS the GOD of SAINTS,

and HE is the GOD OF ENOUGH,

and HE is the GOD of MANY HELPLESS and OPPRESSED of all the land

and NATIONS will RISE UP against Him and then they will BOW DOWN before HIM,

for there is NONE like HIM anywhere – before, after, or since the BEGINNING of time, 

for BEFORE I was, and I am IN IT for you.

NATIONS will cry out, “WHO is the GOD of TRUMP?”

For they are not godless (nations), and understand what they see is a man anointed by a God –

BUT WHO IS THIS GOD who sustains a man through it all? TRIALS and TRAINS of THOUGHT no other man could endure. But I cause him to endure because I have a purpose in it.

IN this I do all things -PURPOSE – set on HIGH and extended to earth,


I take the DRY BONES of earth and bring them back to life.

I purpose all things and man will soon know it in this –

I AM the GOD of EVERYTHING – WHO STOPS ME? WHO CAN TURN ME? WHO IS FAMILIAR with ALL MY WAYS? As far as the east is from the west and the north to south, WHERE is the GOD WHO BOTH SEES and DRAWS NEAR?

In the land of the living God there will come a man. And he will not understand the ways and customs of those he sees. But I understand them all – every whit- and no man stops Me from understanding what I know. 

HOW IS IT, you say, that God could allow these things?

Well! THIS has been said from the beginning! When has man fully understood My ways? says the Lord and when shall a man fully know the MIND of God?

I scoff at the one who scoffs at Me for who is he that thinks he knows his Maker? Ha! I made you, little man, from out of the dust, and I made that, too! And who are you, again? That’s right! You are the little man I made! 

With all My Might I have held all things together – for this time in HIStory – because it is Mine to hold.

And I will extend what I extend, and I will stretch and stretch until the whole thing is see-through and the bottom drops out.



I submit to you for prayer and revelation from the Lord.

The Lord has spoken. Who can but prophesy?

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” ~ James 4:8

With love & belief, Jill

“I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” ~ Matthew 28:20