A WORD FOR THE NATIONS. I don’t usually ask you to share my posts widely, but this is a word that must be shared with everyone. It shook me to the core with urgency.

I received two intense visions and a detailed sobering word of the Lord regarding the time.

As I was drifting to sleep, I was startled by a vision of a giant bolt of lightning hitting waves on an ocean. Immediately I heard the Lord say, “SHOCK WAVES” and understood a coming great impact would be significant and quick. I knew it would be a direct hit and far-reaching, but I didn’t know what it would be.

The Lord reminded me of the word He gave me months ago, SHOCK WAVES IN ELECTION RESULTS. (This is a word I shared you may want to look up in the archives.) I wondered how this was connected and prayed into the vision for more understanding. I finally was released to sleep.

Very early in the morning, I was awakened to another vision. I saw an enormous swirling shofar taking shape before my eyes. The huge bell of the horn was moving and turning until the entire shofar seemed alive before me. The power of it reverberated to my core. I knew it was the Lord’s shofar.

I grabbed my journal as the words poured into my spirit with a rush. Loud and clear, I received these words to the nations,

THIS I BLOW over the nations, says the Lord,

To create urgency in the hearts of men and the Fear of the Lord in the eyes of the blind.

I RAISE UP MY ARMY with this sound!

SHOCK WAVES come to the people and I answer with My BATTLE CRY —

COME, NATIONS! COME! To the fruits of your bearing – for judgment and trial.

COME to the hearts of your people and SEE the GLORIOUS thing the LORD has wanted to do in you — BUT YOU WOULD NOT HAVE IT!

You would not bow your heart to the will of the people who know their God.

And you would not tarry with Me, says the Lord — SO I will not tarry with you.


THIS is My Promise and I will have My Way in the Nations. I will have My Peace in the country and in the city. Coming in and Going out, I will be honored by My people.

And where their hearts are set on Me, I will RELEASE them FULLY into their Destiny of Peace.

And where men have held back on Me, I will hold back on them.

For I will SHOW them the error of their ways in My GOODNESS

And I will offer ONE LAST CHANCE to the nations of men to turn to Me, says the Lord.

And I will POUR out My Wrath on those who RESIST Me and on the nations who fail to recognize The GOD of EVERYTHING – –

ON THOSE, I will call for the blood on their hands. The unseen deeds, I HAVE SEEN.

Do you think you can continue forever? Where do you oppress and stop oppressing?

It is HIDDEN in ME, the treasures you seek,

And I will drive you crazy trying to find them anywhere else!

SO THIS I say to you today – EVEN TODAY – FALL on your KNEES,


Then, I heard Jeremiah 10:11 and when I looked it up, the confirmation in the Word was so intense, I cried. Here is the verse He gave me immediately following the word,

Tell them this: ‘These gods, who did not make the heavens and the earth, will perish from the earth and from under the heavens.’”

Let me tell you something. I did NOT know this verse by heart nor have I ever memorized it. Please take time right now and read the entire chapter of Jeremiah 10. It is the WORD HE is SPEAKING to us and to all the nations in this TIME. The WORD He gave me IS the SUM of this chapter.

GOD IS FAITHFUL to let us know HE IS SPEAKING! This LOVE is far beyond our understanding. HE desires every soul for Himself. HE WILL NOT TOLERATE IDOLS of any kind. HE is BLOWING the SHOFAR and CALLING NATIONS to HIMSELF.

After receiving all of this and the Jeremiah 10:11 confirmation to literally, “TELL THEM THIS! THESE gods who DID NOT MAKE the heavens and the earth, will PERISH from the earth and from under the heavens.”  AFTER taking it in, I sat in awe of the Lord and prayed and wept for souls. It was too much. And I felt the comfort of His Presence as only He can, the Lord gave me peace in it.

After the whole experience, He spoke again, saying,

NO ONE wants to hear about the wrath of God.


It is impossible to survive the heat.

Friend, I submit all of this to you for much prayer and to share with as many people as you know. Be sure you are walking in the call to which you are given. Do not miss your assignments in these last minutes of the last hour. Everyone needs to understand the absolute urgency of the time we are in.

To know the love of the Father through Christ Jesus is the best gift you can share. I pray for people to understand it is the MERCY of GOD bringing warning for yet ANOTHER CHANCE to receive Him as Lord & Savior. Look up. He’s returning soon. I truly love you all.

With love & belief, Jill