Vision of Justice and the Return of the Light of the World

The Lord woke me with the words, Rainbow Bright Promise!

He began to speak and show me visions in an unfolding scene of great HOPE!


Rainbow Bright is the Word of the Promise and seeing these rainbows means more promises for you! I have set My bow in the sky with colors you do not even see! The unseen colors within the obvious ones- these are the intricacies of My life wrapped in the promises you hold! I give it ALL to you. All goodness – All pleasure- All purity of HOPE and RIGHTEOUSNESS- these are the promises of Mine to you! EVER they be – EVER yours, as you are EVER MINE!

My HOPE is in JUSTICE – it may be found in every spoken word I have ever said.

I AM FULL of JUSTICE for My fellowman and those under and above the ground.

I AM bringing Justice – Riding on a white horse- you will see Me!

Yes, you will see Me again, as you did see Me in the battle, swinging My armament and riding to your rescue at breakneck speed!

“Then I saw heaven open, and there was a white horse. Its rider is called Faithful and True; it is with justice that he judges and fights his battles.” ~Revelation 19:11 (GNB)

I will rescue all of mankind who wait for Me, as I am the answer of every cry for help! Full of LOVE and PASSION, I cry out in return, ” I AM COMING!”

Prisoners will break free from gates that have held them back too long, and each will come out, squinting in the SONLIGHT of My NEW DAY!

“He brought them out of their gloom and darkness and broke their chains in pieces.” ~Psalm 107:14 (GNB)

I saw prison bars breaking and prisoners walking out of prisons and looking up at the sky, putting up their arms shielding their eyes, squinting in the BRIGHTNESS of the DAY and HE was huge across the sky in GREATNESS on a WHITE HORSE and carrying a lamb in His arms.


I saw Him standing, and AS He sat the LAMB down, it turned into a LION – regal, peaceful, and beautiful; and out of the mouth of the LION came the words,


These words were written in HUGE letters made of clouds across the sky. IMMEDIATELY, I saw people everywhere pouring out of buildings; so many they were like ants scattering all over- moving quickly to freedom!

They began to unfurl white cloaks and hold them out over their backs like capes waving in the wind. THEN I heard the Lord say, BANNERS OF JUSTICE – WHITE & PURE- BANNERS OF JUSTICE!

I looked back up at the sky and a FIRE was burning in the heavens where the white horse and the lion had been; and the FIRE said, ETERNAL FLAMES Of JUSTICE written in flames.

THIS is MY PROMISE to you- it will be made of every lasting substance of MINE – equalling JUSTICE for ALL MANKIND! THE WAITING IS OVER! I COME SWIFTLY TO BRING JUSTICE TO MY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING – days seem like years and years that seem never to end, but drone on and on with burdens weighing down their backs!

I then saw people in dark peasant clothes bent over with BIG full heavy sacks on their backs. Their faces were looking straight down at the ground because they were bent over so far from carrying these sacks so long.

And the Lord spoke again,

BUT I say, LOOK UP NOW! DROP THOSE and LIFT your HEADS and RAISE your HANDS! I will lift you up and correct your posture in Me! Stand straight and tall in ME and let the LIGHT shine on your faces! REACH for the sky and laugh like you’ve never laughed before! REJOICE in the GOOD NEWS I have for you! THE WAITING IS OVER- YOUR BURDEN IS LIFTED! YOUR DAY HAS COME AND JUSTICE FOR ALL HAS FINALLY ARRIVED ONCE AND FOR ALL!

And I saw the lamb again, walking around, then PRANCING! And the LION was lying down and resting; the clouds broke and the sky lit up BRIGHT BLUE and it was FULL of the people who had broken free from the jails and those who had dropped the heavy sacks. They were lifted up in the sky and completely transformed by LIGHT! They looked different – LIGHT and BRIGHT!

And the Lord said,

In these colors you will find Me always lighting the way to Me!  

MAKING LIGHT what you once carried and BEING LIGHT to guide you to the next place.


SO close you can’t even imagine it!

And then, I will set all things RIGHT and JUSTICE will REIGN in the SKIES forever!


GO in joyous celebration of this! TODAY and every day – I LIVE and SO do YOU!

“Let us hold on firmly to the hope we profess, because we can trust God to keep his promise.” ~Hebrews 10:23

With love & belief, Jill