“Ages” in archaeological terms are those designations which are made according to the vital metal of the time. Is the vital metal of our time gold? Hearing the Lord speak of “The Golden Age” brings a strong and detailed word to the church at this time.

I heard the Lord say, The Golden Age

The time we are in is much less costly than the times before, where men had to “eat” men to live – savages – taking each other out for survival. However NOW, it is the heart of men which needs examined more than ever, because though they need not eat each other alive, they are willing to do this for pleasure and not survival.

THIS IS THE DEEPEST DEPRAVITY OF MAN – to sacrifice others for his own pleasure and sense of well-being. MAN IS NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS. Man is made for Gods’s pleasure and company, to be heralded as the companion of God and a friend to God, never shoving aside others. All are intended to be friends and God’s friends together.

A tribe of believers and truth tellers, believing the TRUTH and telling it to others for their good, and well-being; this is the ‘friend of God’ concept, and the point of My Creation.


Deep mines of knowledge revealing God are stores of wealth for the hungry soul to be fed. Richness dwells within the deep, deep wells and mines of God – to be had by man and known by him.

Excavation takes time and laser focus on the unseen depths. How can you know what you cannot see? But you KNOW it is there – that gut feeling and instinct that draws a man to dig for gold- where does it come from within? Who placed it there? And how does a man explain what’s inside himself, driving him to do the next things?

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From within, it is the external pleasure of man to have the things he can see, and that which can be seen by others as a ‘treasure’, but it is the ETERNAL unseen pleasure of man to seek after and secure the unseen treasures of God which are eternal and seen only by God and shared with man.

You want things, and sometimes don’t even know why. But you want them to satisfy something you don’t understand. Then, you listen to that wanting and have the item of your desire and store up items, an accumulation of wealth – to be stored – over and above what is actually used – THIS is an attempt to satisfy the desire to have the wealth of God that was intended for you. The inner wealth, harder to get (unseen and time-consuming) where the seen is easier available without much effort. You can call and have anything delivered to your door, but it takes TIME to EXCAVATE the WEALTH of GOD — IN you and FOR you — as He lives. So we do the easier thing that seems to satisfy temporarily, but the lasting thing takes our time and patience – to WAIT on GOD – for the really BIG rewards- which bring Satisfaction in Him and ALL He has to REVEAL to us.

Then, I heard Holy Spirit say Philippians 4. I opened my Bible to read this chapter and verse 19 lifted off the page to my eyes as sweet confirmation to His whispers above. This is what He is saying to the church, to the people of God.

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

~ Philippians 4:19 (NIV)

HIS riches in GLORY are the UNSEEN riches of His Kingdom. The GOLD we excavate by spending time in His Presence comes by His sharing sweet mysteries with those who wait for Him.

GLORY to GOD! This is the GOLD that will last. It’s our for the waiting. Be so blessed as you pursue the riches in glory by Jesus Christ. I pray as you are fulfilled, you will pour out on others.

Time is short. Spend time with Him and invest in the GOLD of the KINGDOM OF GOD!

With love & belief, Jill