We’re made for connection. It’s built into our design.

Human connection occurs through engaging interactions of our five senses.

I see you. I touch you. I catch your scent. I hear you. I speak to you.

Our senses mix. And in the mixing, we connect.

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Words between us flow, powered by feelings and thoughts. We talk.

When we gain understanding in this act of connecting, we come closer in knowing one another. And in the knowing, we can gain positive ground in our relationships.

Our speaking tongue carries strong power and truly gives life and death.

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In our society, there are constant trending talks. On Twitter, ‘what’s trending’ informs us of the top widespread conversations. Facebook and other social media outlets give voice to those wanting to engage about the concerns of our culture and time.

Currently, talk has intensified and people are divided by many issues, trying to be heard, wanting to know. People need to understand and be understood.

Discussions and demonstrations around race, the Pandemic, the Church. Fear, anger, and division are everywhere. Unity may also be found, however it requires a greater consideration, and an intentional doing.

Are you engaging in those trending talks or avoiding them? What do you bring to the conversation? Are you listening? What are your takeaways?

If you are like many others, you may be questioning when to say or not to say the hard things welling up from within your heart. These strong wells can become gushers if we ignore too much for too long. The wisdom of knowing when to speak is essential. But along with timing, the question becomes exactly what do we say?

Our smaller, more ordinary daily conversations may seem less impactful than these, but talk between friends, family, and work colleagues matter every bit as much. In fact, the smallest family unit is where any larger group begins.

In a time where conversations seem harder than ever, my desire it to help others come together effectively through honest, loving dialogue of all kinds. My hope is to strengthen relationships, and encourage you forward in all your heart speaks.

Will you join me?

There are two most important first things you can do if you are in!

  1. Comment in the comments section below with a brief description of a challenging conversation you may be facing. Nothing is out of the question! Beyond the trending conversations in our current culture, you may have challenging family conversations you are considering. Maybe you have a work situation or need to approach a friend with something you are unsure of how to express. Nothing is off limits.
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Your help will grow, gather, and build our tribe, and hopefully we can help others by the words of encouragement offered. Thank you!

I am so grateful you are a part of my life and a GodSipper with me!

I believe we can learn and do better together. Let’s talk.

With love & belief, Jill

“The Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend…”    ~Exodus 33:11